We just love good home cooked food!

The concept for Pavs Dhaba starts from Home, we are here today because of our love for home cooked food.

'Our Great Grandmother’s unconditional love gave us the platform and appreciation for her food, it still lives on and hopefully will do for many generations to come' - Raj

'Eating at home was and still is the best thing I look forward to, being exposed to a variety of different foods and tastes, I will always hands down choose food cooked at home by Mum or my Aunties' - Hasan


The story behind our Great Grandmothers secret recipe for the curry spices we use today:

 'She had 10 children to feed, Grandma told us that she struggled to get everyone to eat healthy meals on daily basis. As a mother she knew what each child enjoyed, each ones favourite aroma and taste. Grandma combined everyone's favourite herb and spice into a curry in hope that the aroma would fetch them to the table' - Raj